QUICK HITS: What it Takes to be a Great Leader, Roselinde Torres


Despite an increase in leadership training, more than half of the companies that Roselinde Torres studied failed to create great leaders in the 21st century. In her TED Talk, Roselinde Torres explains three questions that leaders must ask themselves.

Where are you looking to anticipate change?

By this, she further elaborates by asking “Who are you eating meals with? What topics are you discussing? What are you reading? Who are you making meetings with?” Great leaders must then take this information, anticipate potential discontinuities, and then make a decision to do something that will prepare them for the future.

“Great leaders are not head down, they see around corners.”

What is the diversity measure of your network?

Great leaders need people around them who think differently. An important marker of leadership qualities is one’s capacity to develop relationships with people that are very different than oneself. This shows that despite all of the differences, they trust you enough to cooperate and work towards achieving a shared goal.

Are you courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made you successful in the past?

Great leaders dare to be different. Success often comes when a leader has the emotional stamina to withstand people telling him or her that the new idea is “naive, reckless, or just plain stupid.”


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