Brian Stanchak: Founder of The BDS Agency & Head Coach Training Center

Brian Stanchak was one of The Coaching Assist’s very first phone calls back in 2015. With uniquely combined experiences as a former Division I basketball coach, collegiate Director of Athletics, and the Founder & President of The BDS Agency, we were thankful for his support and perspective as we began to interview coaches for our site. He has taught sport management courses, spoken at numerous universities and industry conferences, and was recently recognized as one of the Top 20 Professionals under 40 in Northeast PA. Each and every year, his goal is to help as many clients as possible reach their professional goals!

Head Coach Training Center

Since our first phone call with Stanchak, he has begun an industry-unique conference for women’s basketball coaches called the Head Coach Training Center. Stanchak stated, “It teaches coaches strategies to obtain a first-time or new Head Coach position and be successful in that role. Attendees learn these strategies from various head coaches, athletic directors, athletic administrators, search firms, and industry professionals.” He is already working hard to make 2018’s HCTC the best one yet! After two years in Pennsylvania, HCTC will be making the move to Orlando, Florida in May (14-16) of 2018. Click HERE for more information about the HCTC and testimonials from HCTC 2017!

 “Since 2014, The BDS Agency has represented 28 WBB coach clients who became a first-time DI HC or obtained new DI HC position!”

When we saw the numbers, we were curious to see what Stanchak attributed much of this recent success to:

“I’m fortunate to work with outstanding coaches who are deserving of the opportunities that they have been presented with. A lot needs to go right during the search and interview process for a coach to obtain a Head Coach position. There is so much more needed than just having someone make a call for you or having an interview portfolio, which even those areas need to be strategically evaluated. There are some things we can control and some we can’t, but I think working together to evaluate and strategize about each and every aspect of the search process ensured that they did all they could to obtain the position.”

If you follow Brian Stanchak on social media, you’ll see him traveling all over the country in an effort to attend most if not all of his client’s press conferences when they’ve achieved a Division I Head Coach position. This is no small feat, but is high on his priority list!

“I can honestly say that having once been in the trenches as a former DI basketball coach myself, I am sincerely invested in each and every client and their career. I have a first-hand understanding of how difficult it is to obtain a DI Head Coach position and the personal sacrifices a coach must make to achieve success in this profession. I know how hard my clients worked to get to that point and how special this day is for them so it’s important for me to be there on their exciting day.”

Know Your Why

For Stanchak, what drives him each and every day has both a professional and personal component. Professionally, his “why” is his clients. Whenever he’s able to play a small role in helping them achieve their goals, obtain a desired position, or enhance their contract, it adds fuel to his motivation.

On a personal-level, his “why” is his son, Mason. “The hard work I put into my work on a daily basis is to ensure Mason has the best possible present and future.”

Quick Tips for Contract Negotiations (without giving all of his secrets away!)

  • Common mistake: not using an agent, especially one who is an expert in/prioritizes their specific profession, to advise on and/or negotiate the contract.
  • It’s critical to have someone who knows specifically what to ask for and why based on each individual’s circumstance, data, and industry standards.
  • “Getting more money” should not be the main or only focus. Other terms, such as bonuses and termination, need to be evaluated and may potential establish earnings or savings that far surpass the fee paid to an agent.


Follow Brian Stanchak on Twitter!

@BDStan | @TheBDSAgency | @HeadCoachTC


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