Professional Development: More From A Step Up 2017

Professional Development: Golden Nuggets from A STEP UP

A Step Up 2017 was overwhelmingly insightful in terms of all that a young coach could learn. For our third Professional Development post we wanted to share some reminders and new “golden nuggets” from the symposium. Thanks to all of the presenters for contributing!

 ATL Dream Practice:

  • Name every drill and teach players to remember the name and drill. After teaching it expect players to start the drill after hearing the name
  • He made it a point to teach the defense how to back pedal— surprising that most people need to be taught it, don’t naturally know how
  • Last person into their circle has to dance in front of everyone

Bob Starkey Session:

  • It’s most important for us to teach our players how to think and how to talk
  • Game aren’t organized, they are chaos. How do we create that in practice?
  • Shared a story of a WNBA Coach that will bring a timer to scout college games and time how long a potential player will stand during a defensive possession
  • Post defense is team defense. They have to pass a lot of people to get it to the posts near the basket

 CY Young Session:

  • Your point guard has to be good enough to be patient
  • Be fast to set a screen and be fast to accept it!
  • On offense attack in transition, don’t let the concrete dry! Easier to score when it is wet

 Eddie Fogler and Kevin Gull: Hiring Head Coaches/Search Firms

  • AD’s are looking for CEO’s, not specialists
    • Have a 30,000 ft. vision for your program
  • Does that candidate only have relationships with people who can help them?
  • Be a leader in a non-leadership role
  • They look for people who have shown success in challenging situations…. Have they overcome diversity and despite that still found success as a coach?
  • Selecting coaches is an INEXACT science – What one AD is looking for, another may not be
  • The hiring committee knows that you want a job, everyone wants a job. Why THIS job?

Round Tables:  Social Media, Player Development and Team Building

  • If you don’t want to force your players to completely give up social media have them do 30-60 day detox to have them see how dependent they are on it
  • Jacksonville Assistant Coach: Have your players stare at a mirror in front of the entire team in the locker room. Have to answer questions while looking at themselves such as:
    • Who am I going to be?
    • What does my team need from me to be successful?
    • What do I need to be forgiven for?
  • If you come to my office with a problem you better also have five solutions in mind that you are ready to discuss

Amie Smith Bradley (SMU) Session:

  • Be a clock maker (adds value and a strong influence to a situations, solutions based) not a time taker (states the obvious and it doesn’t help as in “oh we are down by 20″… that doesn’t help anyone)
  • Leave a map in everything that you do … not just creating schedules and routines but writing things down so others can follow after you
  • Book Suggestions: Smart Change, Lead Up, Legacy and Same Kind of Different as Me.
  • Ask recruits why they are passionate about playing the college sport that you are coaching

Jollette Law (South Carolina) Session:

  • She calls 10 coaches a day just to check in and maintain relationships with them
  • Just take ten minutes of their time… leave them excited to talk with you next time
  • If certain kids (your own players) aren’t going to help you recruit, don’t bring them around the recruits

Robert Dallimore (Little Rock-Arkansas) Session:

  • When he wakes up every day he competes like heck to beat the person in his position at a different school that is trying to bring in kids
  • Tricky Tuesday -Send jokes to recruits every Tuesday and they like it… a good way for him to connect to them
  • Your players close the deal with recruits

Can’t Wait for A STEP Up 2018!!








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