Professional Development: Pro Scout School – Quick Hitter Take Aways

On July 10th and 11th I (Megan) attended TPG Sport’s Pro Scout School in Las Vegas. It was an incredible event with current and former NBA scouts, executives, coaches and trainers sharing their knowledge on the game and the league. From international scouting to salary cap information and elite player development it was a great growing opportunity. We will feature an interview with Pro Scout School Founder and CEO Pete Philo (who has over 20 years of professional scouting experience in the NBA and around the world) later on in the summer but to start off our Professional Development mini series we wanted to pass on these take aways for coaches. It is a great event for all coaches to check out! Mark your calendars for next year!

Quick Hitters (Thoughts Categorized by Person):  *Not Exact Quotes But Summarizations

Pete Philo: Owner and Founder of TPG Sports Group, Former NBA Scout 

  • Three Things That Never Fail (If a Player Has Them All) Talent, Competitiveness and Hard Working. You Can’t Go Wrong With Those Guys
  • Information Doesn’t Win, GOOD Information Wins

Alan Stein: Veteran basketball performance coach, corporate speaker, podcast host and social media influencer.

  • 44% of Doctors are Overweight … Knowledge is NOT Power, the APPLICATION of Knowledge is Power!
  • Connection is Essential BEFORE Coaching. Connect and Then Coach, In That Order
  • Embracing Discomfort is a Crucial Skill of the Successful

Drew Hanlen: Pure Sweat Basketball Trainer

  • If You Want to Be in the Basketball Business, Never Pass Up a Basketball Opportunity. Work For Free A Lot! (After Having A Lot of Success He Still Does Not Charge His Players a Set Amount, He Asks Them to Pay Him What They Think He is Worth)
  • Long Term Success is Always More Important Than Short Term Money
  • It’s Their Dream, It’s Our Mission (Referring to Players)

Bob MacKinnon: NBA D – League Texas Legends Head Coach 

  • If You Shake Your Head When You Miss a Shot, You Need to Shake it When You Make a Shot (Don’t Do It!)
  • We Have An Optional Second Practice For Our Guys Every Day and All We Do Is Shoot. I Never Had Less Than 8/10 Guys Come This Year To One of Those Practices. I Want My Guys to Get Moved Up and Shooting is an Essential NBA Skill That Isn’t Easy to Find

Fred Hoiberg: Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls

  • 80% of Your Success in College Basketball Is Recruiting

Stephen Silas: Assistant Coach for the Charlotte Hornets

  • We Call It Game Prep, Not Shoot Around – Terminology Matters
  • I Err on The Side of Solving Problems Before They Get To My Head Coach. He Has Enough to Worry About. A Lot of Things Just Stay Between Me and The Players

Mike Born: Charlotte Hornets 

  • Every Player Needs to Pass the Eyes, Ears and Numbers Test. What Do You See, What Do People Say and Do the Numbers Back It?

Bob Donewald: Head Coach of Jilin Tigers (China)

  • You Have To Learn The Culture Wherever You Are Coaching. In China You Can’t Ever Act Like You Are Above Someone So Correcting Guys Isn’t Accepted In a Way That Puts Me Above Them
  • Winning Teams Problem Solve Together
  • In the NBA it is a Business Partnership Between Players and Coaches

Adam Fillipi: Charlotte Hornets Director of International Scouting 

  • Don’t Say Correction to Players, Say Adjustment. It’s the Positive Approach.
  • I Keep Images Of Correct Shooting Form On My Ipad to Show Players.
    • “Seeing Your Shot For the First Time On Film is Like the First Time You Hear Your Own Voice on an Answering Machine… You Can Be Very Suprised By What You Find”
      • Show Players Their Shots on Film! When They See it They Can Coach Themselves Better
    • Adam Also Published a Fantastic Book Called How To Shoot Like The Pro’s

Pat Knight: Indiana Pacers Scout

  • #1 Rule in Scouting: No A**holes… You Can Probably Manage One But If You Get Two They Start Creating Others

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