The Offseason: Kevin DeMille, Assistant Coach at George Washington

Kevin DeMille: Assistant Coach at George Washington

Kevin DeMille is entering his first season as an Assistant Coach at George Washington. Promoted from the Assistant Director of Operations position, DeMille has built an impressive resume in his young career. He most recently served on staff for the gold-medal winning 2016 US Women’s National Team in Brazil in addition to his role as the Video Coordinator for the US Women’s National Team at the 2014 FIBA World Championship in Turkey. Prior to his time at George Washington, DeMille spent seven years working with the UConn Women’s Basketball Team where he played a key role behind-the-scenes on five National Championship teams in various capacities.

The Offseason: Players

To start, we discussed how the staff communicates with their players while they are away from campus. When asked if there is a certain balance between talking and overwhelming them with a basketball focus, he stated, “I usually don’t have to text or call my student-athletes about workouts. We set a standard that they are expected to meet, and we have constructed relationships with them that extend beyond their identities as basketball players. They are part of the family, and should be treated like that.”

In terms of creating a summer programs for the players they rely heavily on their strength and conditioning coach to identify who needs to improve in what areas. This in turn will help them achieve the broader goals set as a coaching staff. DeMille then went on to add, “While we hold each athlete to the same standard of intensity and effort, they all contribute to our team differently, and so our basketball plan is different for each. We try to help them identify three or four things to work on over the summer. They are responsible for themselves, and simply won’t play if they aren’t holding themselves accountable. “

Basketball is obviously an important part of the offseason at all programs but so is team building. For George Washington women’s basketball, DeMille noted, “We try hard – in our preseason and in our summer access periods – to provide at least one shared, non-basketball activity a week, usually in lieu of an hour or so in the weight room. Our culture is defined by chemistry and camaraderie.”

The Offseason: Staff

DeMille discussed utilizing the volume of game film available – not just him, but the staff as a whole to improve in the offseason. From the NCAA tournament to NBA playoffs to the WNBA season, there is plenty to learn from. He also added how it is a great opportunity to go back and watch their own film, “to see things from fresh eyes with a different perspective.”

When it comes to recharging batteries and getting time away, DeMille noted that his boss, Coach Jen Rizzotti, is great when it comes to balance and “sets a strong example.” With the long hours during the season he stressed the importance that is placed within their program about taking advantage of the few short months where the schedule is more relaxed and focus on other things that are important to each staff member.

Lastly, during this time is an opportunity to reach out to colleagues that you might not talk to or see much during the season, whether it is handwriting notes or making a call. As Coach DeMille sees it, “I know we are busy and have so much to do, but we are ALL busy – we know that taking any time to do this is a sacrifice, which makes it much more meaningful and special.”

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About the Author: Lindsay Scarlatelli

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Currently in transition, Lindsay Scarlatelli just finished up three seasons at Miami (OH) University as their Director of Basketball Operations. Prior to Miami she spent two seasons as an Assistant Coach – one with Oakland University women’s basketball as their Recruiting Coordinator and one with University of Illinois-at Chicago (UIC) in a dual role as their Director of Operations, as well. She received her Master’s from Michigan State University in 2012 and was part of the program’s first-ever outright Big Ten Championship in 2011. An avid learner, Scarlatelli has attended 25 conferences, clinics, and seminars during the last decade.

Follow Lindsay Scarlatelli on Twitter: @LindsayScar34



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