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Angel Gray is a former Florida State Seminole who is a current Sports Analyst that has worked with ESPN College Hoops, NBATV and Fox Sports South. She was previously a moderator for the A Step Up Symposium and shared with us what coaches can expect from the first class learning experience hosted by Johnny and Felicia Hall Allen. 

Network Makes The Dream Work 

Angels biggest advice for coaches that go to the A Step Up Symposium is to BE BOLD! Go outside of your comfort zone and take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with other professionals of the game. Compared to other conferences, the A Step Up Symposium breaks off into smaller groups, creating a more intimate setting for coaches to get to know and learn from one another. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been coaching for years or if you are just starting out, A Step Up gives you the chance to speak with and learn from legends of the game!

Angel admits that she was timid when she first began her broadcasting career but found that every time she came out of her shell it lead to more success! She encourages others to not be afraid to ask coaches for more opportunities to connect. As a young coach, be willing to ask a coach you want to learn from to continue a conversation over coffee or follow up with them after the conference on their knowledge of the game. Always do your homework about who people are and find ways to stand out and learn from the greatest minds in the basketball world today!

The Good and The Great 

What truly separates the A Step Up Symposium from any other in the country is those who created and continue to facilitate it, Johnny and Felicia Allen.  As Angel says, “Johnny and Felicia are more of your aunt and uncle or your best friends…they are looking for how they can give to you and not you to them.” As others who have read our interview with Felicia know (read her interview here), her greatest purpose in life is to make other people’s dreams come true. The Symposium is focused on teaching anything coaches may need to know in order to get them closer to their dreams. From the financial aspect to building relationships and x’s and o’s of the game, Felicia and Johnny give as much as they can in three jam packed days filled with growth, networking and learning.

No Matter Your Profession, Be a Separator

As a broadcaster Angel finds it a crucial ingredient for success to continue to learn as the game grows. Being a former athlete helps her to understand the game and players on a deeper level, however she makes it a point to constantly find new ways to learn and work on her craft. As any top performer in any field will tell you, learning never stops! A great deal of her work involves understanding and connecting with coaches and she often attends conferences to get a better feel for how coaches think. The best in anything are always looking for ways to get better and improve on what they do. Although the A Step Up Symposium is geared at coaches and their growth specifically, Angel will again be attending to keep up with the game and find ways to improve on what she does as a broadcaster. She is looking forward to continually pushing herself to be the best she can be and learn from others who are looking to do the same!

No Gray Area: The Do’s and Don’ts

Angel’s A Step Up Do’s:

  • Do … Go! Invest in yourself, May 8-10th in Atlanta. You can register here!
  • Do … Be bold and go outside of your comfort zone
  • Do… Your homework about who coaches are, it is a small coaching world!
  • Do … Find ways for people to remember you. Stand out.

Angel’s A Step Up Don’ts..

  • Don’t … Be timid! Take advantage of the intimacy of the conference.
  • Don’t … Expect what you’ve seen at other conferences, Johnny and Felicia make it different and intentionally facilitate growth
  • Don’t… Be generic and say “I’ve enjoyed watching you coach.” Be specific about what you’ve enjoyed and what you want to talk about.
  • Don’t… Wait for others to connect with you, connect with them!

One thought on “Angel Gray | Sports Analyst

  1. Stay in your gift, Angelique. Your voice matters, your example matters. And continue to always pray and pay it forward. Surely, you have but only caught a glimpse of the wonderful things that shall come to pass in your life.

    May you always continue to serve as that feminine force of Godly feminine athletic grace, alluring power, and beautiful strength.

    Yours in good health


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