“Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe”

Above is a TED Talk by Simon Sinek, “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.” He addresses leadership as a choice, not a rank. Below are some key points that he makes. These tips apply to not only coaches as leaders, but can also be instilled in potential leaders among the players.

  1. Trust and cooperation are feelings, not instructions. You cannot simply tell someone to trust you, they must feel safe enough. When you feel safe, it fosters trust and cooperation.
  2. “When a leader makes the choice to put the safety and lives of people inside the organization first, to sacrifice their comforts and sacrifice the tangible results so that the people remain and feel safe and that they belong, remarkable things happen.”
  3. Leaders set the tone. “If the conditions are wrong, we are forced to expend our own time and energy to protect ourselves from each other and that inherently weakens the organization.” Leaders should aim to take care of the atmosphere so that no one else has to.
  4. “When we feel safe inside the organization we will naturally combine our talents and our strengths and work tirelessly to face the dangers outside.”
  5. Create an organization where individuals instinctively help you because they know you would have helped them.

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