John Motherwell: University of Minnesota Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach


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Recruiting Philosophy: 

Coach Mo’s recruiting success begins with his ability to evaluate talent quickly. After he has seen the prospect play and evaluated whether or not the recruit is the right fit for his program he finds a way to build a genuine relationship with her. This means getting to know and understand the recruit and what she is interested in. Tailor the recruiting process to that recruit, figure out if they want to text everyday or call once a week, etc. Finally he suggests to new coaches that you always need to follow through with them! Continue to keep up with them and maintain consistency in your relationship throughout the recruiting process.

Recruiting Quick Hitters:

  • His biggest early recruiting mistake was not using enough of the resources around him. He worked very hard but was not as efficient as he could have been.
  • When your program becomes more successful you are able to narrow your recruiting list down significantly because your chance of getting the top kids on your list increases.
  • Find the players on your team that are good at recruiting. Players should view recruits as future teammates, not recruits!

“Give Someone Something, Give Your Name Value”

-Coach Mo

Coaching Networking Insight:

If you are out recruiting and see other coaches sitting by themselves, go sit by them and make a connection. After that follow up with them and build upon that initial connection. What can you give to that coach? “Give them someone something, Give value to your name.”

Coach Mo suggested a way of giving to other coaches as passing along potential recruits.  If you see a recruit that you think would do well at a certain school where you know the coach, tell the coach about the player. Just because you don’t want the recruit doesn’t mean that they won’t be a good fit for someone else that you know. Do what you can to help others and eventually they will repay the favor.

Overtime Advice:

  • Research the coaching circle you are getting into. Know the people that you are going to work for and with.
  • When new coaching opportunities come about strongly evaluate them before you jump because of more money or a “higher position.” Evaluate your current situation and if you are still growing and enjoying your time it might not be the right move for you.
  • For players that are trying to become coaches after playing, work as many camps as you can! Call and ask if they are looking for workers or volunteers and build connections with those coaches.

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