“Things I Know Because I Played”

“Things I know Because I Played” Article Review

By Bret Burchard

Bret’s article gives a great reminder to the life lessons that sports can teach you. His emphasis on what it truly means to be tough, why winning does matter and how sport is an accurate reflection of succeeding in life, is truly an outstanding testament to the importance of sport.

Bret played basketball at Taylor University and is currently the Head Video Coordinator for the Phoenix Suns. Below are excerpts that The Coa

ching Assist pulled as highlights from his article. To view the entire article on Coach Starkey’s Hoopthought, click here.

“Humility is being last, and I’m not talking about being the worst player on the team. I’m talking about putting other’s needs ahead of your own.”

“The thing I now appreciate the most about my basketball experience is the fact that the game, or competition itself, is always honest. Every day you step on the court the game will tell you the truth. There are winners and losers every day, every game, every practice, every drill, every possession. If you didn’t do the work the game will tell you about it because you will probably lose.”

“At some point they will get tired of losing and take ownership of the results.”

“ I respect athletes that are pursuing excellence because they put themselves on the line everyday… but, because you put yourself on the line everyday, you are getting an education that most people don’t get…. If the program you are involved in is challenging you enough you’ll be like me and find times when you want to quit. Don’t quit. The best decision you’ll ever make is to keep going. Keep working and enjoy every step of the journey.”

“When we recognize our limitations then we play to our strengths and we avoid our weaknesses. By understanding our limitations we actually become a greater asset to the team and ultimately exceed any limitations others put on our potential because everything we do helps the team rather than hurt it.”

“What I have discovered about excellence is that it’s not a one time thing. You don’t have a good day and call it excellent. It is called excellent because you did excellent work day after day, possession after possession, time and again. You don’t do one thing and say, “That was excellent.” You look back on a season, on an entire career and call the result of great work excellence.”

“Excellence will be called excellent no matter who judges it. We all think pretty highly of the work we do ourselves and we all can find a mom or girlfriend to tell us how awesome and excellent we are. But when your work is truly excellent there will be no doubt. Anyone that sees it will recognize it.”

“It’s about doing the hard things that no one else is willing to do in order to be successful. That level of toughness will separate the good from the great, the mediocre from the excellent.”

Bret Burchard: @b3burch on twitter     The Coaching Assist: @Coaching_Assist


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