Kaitlyn Cresencia: Princeton WBB Assistant Coach

When it came to choosing a career path, a part of me always knew it would be coaching. Throughout my four years playing at Connecticut College, whenever I had free time I used it by studying leadership, traveling to sit in on other teams’ practices, and seeking out coaches to interview to learn more about pursuing a coaching career. Any opportunity that arose, I was quick to take advantage of. In the summer months I surrounded myself with basketball, traveling across the country to coach at college camps, conducting private lessons, and coaching for an AAU program, always trying to expose myself to new philosophies and coaching styles. With The Coaching Assist, I aspire to learn from other successful coaches and pay it forward to the greater coaching community.

As I began my pursuit of a coaching career, I was lucky to have a strong network of individuals who were able to mentor me and point me in the right direction. Through the WBCA’s “So You Want To Be A Coach” program I found my way to Mercer University, where I served as a Graduate Assistant. After helping the program achieve back-to-back regular season Southern Conference championships, I made by way back to my home state of New Jersey. I am currently an Assistant Coach at Princeton University where I look forward to helping instill young women with a confidence to pursue their aspirations in and beyond basketball.


One thought on “Kaitlyn Cresencia: Princeton WBB Assistant Coach

  1. Really enjoy reading your blog, Kaitlyn. I haven’t had a chance to talk about the John Wooden piece or others while sitting in on workouts the last couple of weeks, but this is a great resource for all coaches.


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